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Location: polderbaan, airport Schiphol, NL

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Competition: Soundbarrier Polderbaan Schiphol
in collaboration with: Roel van Timmeren Floris van der Kleij and Alterra/ Wageningen Universiteit
Commission: Alterra Wageningen University
Location: Schiphol Polderbaan
Year: 2009
Status: not realized

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a) Polderbaan sound barrier
How to stop in particular the low sound frequencies of starting and waiting planes at the Polderbaan? Apart from placing a 1,4 km long building, moving panels at ground level close to the runway are proposed to block most of the nuisance for the environment. The airport Schiphol is as it were, built on water. The waters of the polder area are closely connected to the nearby waters of the Haarlemmermeerpolder, and thus the built environments and its inhabitants. In the building the poisonous glycol (ice dissolvent) is processed to be cleanly pumped out into the haarlemmermeerpolder. Other functions for the building might be storage, research, plane spotting, cultivating algeae for green fuel.

a) Rapeseed
The second design proposal foresees a more colourful airport. To grow rapeseed on the Schiphol fields would mean an optical highlighting of the area through the yellow blossom of the plant. While the signal colour yellow could help improve airport safety, the rapeseeds could also be harvested for making bio fuel.