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Locations: at solo exhibition, Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam and Expo Real, München

weight of thoughts

Materials: sinc (prototype); bio-based polyester (Expo Real, München) + moss, amgels tears (Soleirola soleirolii), soil 
Special thanks to Judy Seebus
Dimensions: 2 x 2 m; (prototype), 4 x 4 m (Expo Real)
Status: realised (available)
Year: 2008


A figure bends under the weight of a cloud that lies heavily on its shoulders. Like Atlas carries the universe (not the earth as many people think), on his shoulders, we tend to cherish our thoughts. They can be as heavy as you want. Moss and Angel's Tears cover the figure and cloud. Angel's Tears, besides its interesting name, is a plant that originally stems from the Mediterranean but by now can also be found in Northern Europe.

With special thanks to Suzanne Biederberg and Judy Seebus

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