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perpetuum mobile

Concept and design: David Veldhoen
Commission: de Gevestigde Orde
Materials: aluminium, glass, water
Diameter of the scale: ø 1 m, total length 5 m
Year: 1986
Status: realised, temporarily installation


Water flows in a transparant basin forming a huge lens and focus on the square; the water flows back to a watermill where it will be pumped up thanks to the generated energy.

'Constructen'/'Constructions' is a proposal, think model for two gigantic, floating islands in the Weerwater in response to Rem Koolhaas' (OMA) master plan for the city of Almere-City. The design by Koolhaas organised the city in axes running straight to the lake 'Weerwater', touching Almere. But on the lake, basically nothing happens. The two, connecting islands formulate the idea of extending the city into its seemingly empty spaces and to enrich it by adding a cultural and a scientific sphere through having an floating amphitheater and a research institute on the lake.