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Location: Leeuwenlaan, 's Gravenland, 

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Commission: Stichting Moestuin van Jagtlust
Owner: Natuurmonumenten
Concept and design in collaboration with Flip Dronkers
Realisation: Natuurmonumenten
Plants: flowers, trees, vegetables, fruittrees 20 apple (Malus) and 20 Pear (Pyrus)
Dimension: one square ha
Year: 2016
Status: realised

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Garden Design Jagtlust

The orchard of Jagtlust is a historical fruit- and vegetable garden that belonged to the castle of Jan Six, decendent of the famous former major of Amsterdam that Rembrandt depicted. Its garden with old, monumental glasshouses and an Orangerie had been abandoned and almost forgotten. Since May 2013, the orchard functions as a centre for care and also hosts meeting- and training facilities. The new design for the fruit- and vegetable orchard separates the whole terrain into four, almost equal rectangular fields that are awarded with different functions. From the most upper part where green houses and Orangerie are located, a path leads to the centre of the garden, the central point from which all directions can be explored. The garden is vertically organised in one part for enjoying nature on the left and for natural production on the other, right side. Here, the south-eastern part is filled with newly planted fruit trees: apple-, pear- and plum trees of different species. The North-eastern part hosts a vegetable garden and the Northwestern part has green grasses, trees and a flower garden. According to the practice of biological gardening, the long patches are used to grow vegetable plants whose life-circle extends over several years.