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Location: Almere Haven, NL

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Contest: Architectuur Lokaal/ atelier Rijksbouwmeester
Concept: David Veldhoen in collaboration with prof dr. Jim van Os,
pidemiological psychiatrist
Advice: Jacco van Wengerden; architect; Mischa Tol and Nadeshe Reef; care

Status: not (yet) realised
Year: © (March) 2017

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Proposal: experiment for a hundred people with a basic income in an urban block; a social sculpture 

Like ants, dataïsm will make us humans a worldwide colony controlled by a few commercial, at this moment mostly American companies. Fascinated by the increased interconnectivity generated by social media and paradoxical decline of the 'community' this most recent work attempts to perceive this crisis by selfsupporting enclaves. As in Western societies the population has to cope with a surplus of older people due to better health(care). The enclave therefore harbours a hundred inhabitants consisting of basically young (4-25 years) and older people (60-85 years); further the category lower incomes, …ànd starters. They all receive € 1100 a month basic income. The architecture will be focused on a particular designed balance between private and common spaces and ecological autarchy. Essence is to investigate whether this experiment leads towards a better coherence, well being and autonomy of the inhabitants individually and the community as a whole. The diminished amounts of stress triggered by social media and a more and more monetized daily live, might have positive financial effects for the authorities as crime is expected to be reduced, people have more time to care for each other and burnouts because of financial stress can be avoided. If the experiment succeeds, more enclaves could follow. Start-up problems can be adjusted in new enclaves, while radiating the experiences in the area.