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Various performances e.g. Theatre de IJsbreker Amsterdam; Municipal Museum of Arnhem


Commission: Theater de IJsbreker, Amsterdam
Locations: various performances: IJsbreker, municipal Museum of Arnhem
Performances with musicians: e.g. Wolter Wierbos, Ernst Reiziger
'Sirenen’, composition: David Veldhoen
Materials: polyesther, rubber, copper
Seize: ø 2 m
Year: 1987
Status: realised

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The Eidophone celebrates the complex interaction between image (eidos) and sound (phonè). A thin rubber membrane two meters in diameter is stretched over a metal frame. Trombones attached to the membrane create fluid kaleidoscopic patterns as the music vibrates through pigments strewn by the artist on its drum-like surface. Mundane objects are similarly transformed through their interaction with the Eidophone: cups, sticks, and even a vacuum cleaner are employed to create unique artworks. For the musicians and the public gathered around the Eidophone, the membrane becomes a mesmeric focal point making this fusion of image and sound reminiscent of a ritual.

With special thanks to Tiong Ang, Sinta Wullur, Wolter Wierbos, Ernst Reiziger, Lino Hellings, Martin Spanjaard and Ramón Gieling

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'Sirens’ composition l 0,7 x h 0,5 m, ink on paper, 1984, Courtesy Museum Arnhem

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