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'Location’: the city centre of Amsterdam


Purchased in 1988 by the ABN -Bank
Materials: bornze, stainless steel (bright annealed), wood
Year; 1987
Seize: l 2 x h. 0,7 m
Status: realised


Like Venice, Amsterdam's bustling metropolitan culture could not have existed without the ‘anti-forest’ formed by the thousands of piles driven into the swamp upon which it is built. The genius loci of this city is not only represented by the miniature piles, transparent canals and main river, but also by the fictive reflection/counterpart completing it. Even in the bathroom-mirror one is immersed and confronted by the beauty and banality of the city. In this work, admiration and love are expressed for the composer's native city and its historical former citizens such as Spinoza and Rembrandt.

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