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Location: A10/A8-junction, the Coen-tunnel, north of Amsterdam

a venue

Location: Amsterdam Coenplein
In collaboration with Floris van der Kleij and Roel van Timmeren
Own initiative, among others supported by AFK, City of Amsterdam and Zaandam, Amsterdam, BNG Cultuurfonds
Materials: 24.000 lavender bushes (Lavandula), sand, soil
Dimensions: l 240 m x b 20 m
Year: 2006 - 2010
Status: realised

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'A Venue' is a temporary installation of 25,000 lavender plants. 
After fourty years of its useless existence, a miscalculated fly over has been turned into a temporary lavender land art sculpture. In the middle of the spaghetti-like junction of the Coentunnelplein (1969 - 2010), motorists can enjoy the odour and colour of the lavender during the usual traffic jams. According to Alterra - related to the University of Wageningen -, the special form and cuticula of the lavender even absorbs about 400 kilo of fine dust a year. Lavender is known to be a relaxing herb.

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