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Various performances e.g. Theatre de IJsbreker Amsterdam; Municipal Museum of Arnhem


Commission: Theater de IJsbreker, Amsterdam
Locations: various performances: IJsbreker, municipal Museum of Arnhem
Performances with musicians: e.g. Wolter Wierbos, Ernst Reiziger
'Sirenen’, composition: David Veldhoen
Materials: polyesther, rubber, copper
Seize: ø 2 m
Year: 1987
Status: realised

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The eidophone (Greek eidos = image, illustrate; phonè = voice) looks like a timpany. Because of a thin rubber head of a diameter of two meters, with some dredged coloured sawdust on the rubber head, vibrations of the music played by the connected trombones will form visual, caleidoscopic patterns. The membrane can also be played with a variety of tools – cups, sticks, stamps and even a muffled vacuum cleaner causing the instrument to vibrate. For both the players and the public that gather around the instrument, the played head becomes the focal point and in the process of creating varying sound/image compositions, invites to a ritual

With special thanks to Tiong Ang, Sinta Wullur, Wolter Wierbos, Ernst Reiziger, Lino Hellings, Martin Spanjaard and Ramón Gieling

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'Sirens’ composition l 0,7 x h 0,5 m, ink on paper, 1984, Courtesy Museum Arnhem

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